Youth Ministries

Chad & Heidi Kelly

We have been faithfully attending East Market Street Church of God for more than three years after moving to Akron from Virginia.  Heidi and I have worked with youth for more than 17 combined years in a professional capacity.  We have always had a heart for young people and a desire to see them truly get ahold of Christ.

We look forward to the opportunity to minister to young people and show them that faith can be a very tangible thing that they can use on a daily basis.  Heidi has a heart to show the young ladies what it means to be a servant of Christ and a Woman of God.  She also loves to encourage and show them that they are ALL valued in the eyes of our Savior.  

With the constant bombardment of social media, television and Hollywood, it is more important than ever to reach the youth of today and grow them into the leaders of tomorrow.


It is our passion to show the teenagers of today how to live by faith everyday and be our church’s leaders of tomorrow.  As you can see, F.U.E.L. stands for Faith Used in Everyday Life and that’s just what we are going to be.  I have found that many times kids ask Who? Why? And How?  I believe that seeing and hearing God can be extremely tangible when knowing what to look for in everyday circumstances.  If we can get kids to grasp a hold of what faith is, than they can become servants to Gods calling.  Please, if you have any questions for myself or Heidi, don’t hesitate to contact us.



Chad and Heidi Kelly